Our first retail store and Head Office is now open for business located; in the prestigious Royal Phuket Marina!

After a month of hard work to set up and stock our shop, we have opened our doors to the public.  We welcome Captains, Owners and ocean enthusiasts to visit us and see our product range, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!


Our full range of 3M, Starbrite, Meguiars, Gardena, Jobe and IGL Coatings products are always available from this store, making it a convenient one-stop-shop for your day to day yachting needs.  As are our FMM Specialists, available to assist with everything from special order parts to arranging haul outs and full refits. Pop in for a chat today!

We are working closely with the Royal Phuket Marina to be able to offer the best servicing locations in the center of Phuket for our clients.   The Service dock in RPM is ideal for Vessels up to 28m for in-water services; such as tank cleaning and hull polishing/detailing, right up to full teak deck replacements and technical servicing/upgrades of systems onboard. 

Offering a close location to major shops and a central location in Phuket means what you need is never far away; with our store in RPM making it even more convenient for our clients.