Part of our commitment to the highest standards means we have to ensure the correct working environments; for the comfort of our workers, the cleanliness of our service locations and the correct parameters for the application of high quality Awlgrip paint systems and Epifanes varnishes.

A common mistake during painting processes (especially in the tropical climate) is to apply products outside of the ideal temperature and humidity conditions. In order to mitigate this, we have constructed what we believe is one of the most professionally constructed tents in Phuket.
Since the erection of the tent we have also installed approximately 220,000btu of cooling power in the form of two industrial air conditioning units so that we are able to control the humidity and temperature in our working environment.

The tent has been constructed and wrapped in conjunction with Satun Painters; one of, if not the, best professional yacht painting companies in Thailand. Their decades of experience in high end paint works makes them a perfect fit for the high quality finishes required in this project. The expertise of Mr Reno in regards to scaffolding meant that the construction process was smooth and the end result seamless.

Keeping the areas and environment around us is at the forefront of our operating procedures policy at First Mate Marine. This thorough tenting allows us to contain any dust, blasting material and paints to our working area to ensure we are courteous to our surroundings.