Having had Bunyip 1, a beautiful condition Nordhavn 47, under our care for around a month, the FMM Team arranged all parts supply, cleanings, hull cleaning and fumigation prior to delivery and loading on a Sevenstar Yacht Transport Vessel for transport back to Australia and to her owner. 

It has been a pleasure working with her owner, who is as meticulous as us about the details being correct onboard.  Our team made sure to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance of systems onboard whilst docked at our Head Office location of Royal Phuket Marina. 

We worked closely with the owner to develop a written start up/shut down list to ensure that no switch was missed during our operations.  A vessel with such complex systems as this takes a little while to learn, so we are grateful for the owner giving a very thorough handover to us, which gave us the opportunity to learn all systems onboard in order to provide the best level of care for our client. 

After preparations for loading we ensured the safe shutdown and “dead ship” of the Vessel in order to preserve her current condition until unloading in Australia.  

We hope to see Bunyip 1 and her owner back in Thailand at some point in the future, the FMM Team will be here waiting to assist!